Old City Hall Antiques

Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am -4pm.                                                  Ph: 541-808-3838

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We welcome you to come in and experience the country’s most expansive collection of Art Deco. Building on the success of our business on the Northern Oregon Coast, we are excited to continue to serve our previous customers as well as meet new ones from across the world.

If you are not familiar with art deco, it is a design movement that had it’s height in popularity during the time between World War One and Two. Its design movement incorporated things like architecture, all things related to interior design, jewelry, apparel and transportation vehicles. And now it’s all here in Coos Bay.

We have over 1000 lights and fixtures from all over the world; lots of high-end items from Chicago hotel lobbies…1930’s items from New York buildings…radio lamps, skyscraper lamps, bookends and statues, clocks, Czech crystal barware, original refurbished radios and record players as well as Bakelite flatware.

We’ve had people from all over the world buy our items. Buyers come from Hollywood to add our pieces to their restaurants. Art deco items are from the only era in history going up in price because they go with pretty much everything. That’s why you don’t see them in antique stores: people don’t want to sell them. They’re always a safe investment.

Art Deco Skyscraper Lamps